Autumn charm of Catiusha The creative team of the Catiusha brand, which is celebrating its 7th birthday very soon, pays special attention to comfort and functionality, working out comfortable clothing constructions. In the center of attention: an active woman who is constantly in a hurry, so she is offered clothes that can be worn not only at work, but also when the office door is closed, in her free time or on various occasions. The combination of clothes can be the same, and the image is changed thanks to shoes and other accessories. 
Catiusha products are distinguished by convenience: many pockets, adjustable sleeve length, collar position, etc. The silhouette of the dresses is either free-falling, not restricting movements, or it is suggested to emphasize the waist with a stylish strap. 
This cold season, the "Catiusha" collection stands out for its calmness, which is not characteristic of this brand until now, and earth tones prevail: sand, moss, greenish, gray. Of course, the classic colors remain: black, dark blue. Autumn, monochrome, natural fabrics are offered: cotton, wool, silk, linen, viscose. Introducing dresses with fluttering silhouettes that emphasize feminine charm. Comfortable suits of pants and jackets, protection from cooler weather. Midi-length warm woolen coats with raised collars create an elegant look. And for those who like pants - a large selection of shirts. "Catiusha" studio, located at: Savanorių per. 141, Kaunas.